Friday, August 1, 2008

The Difference A Week Makes

Let's compare/contrast, shall we?

Last Week
-Excited about upcoming school year
-Ready to be on a normal schedule
-Excited about all the new challenges
-Excited to delve into the reading, plan, and try my best!

This Week
-Freaking out about upcoming school year
-Enjoying staying up late and sleeping in sans alarm
-Intimidated by all the new challenges
-Overwhelmed by the reading and planning

Where's the change? Last week, it still seemed far off and unreal and intangible. I was still in denial about having to plan and work. This week was my last week before training starts--so I'm actually having to work on my syllabus and plan out the semester in general. I'm elbows deep in the material and starting to doubt my abilities to do this.

Though it will be my second year of teaching, my first year was so unorthodox and unique I can't help like this is first year part two. Plus, I am prepping three different classes instead of two and having to sponsor a yet-to-be-named club of some kind.

I think next week once I get into meeting people and working with other English teachers I will once again be excited and inspired, but right now I've got the pre-school year jitters.


ms-teacher said...

You will be fine! Relish these days you have off and know that once school starts that you WILL be awesome!

The Non Catholic said...

One of the hardest things about teaching for me is accepting that I will fail multiple times throughout the semester--but in the end, I do know that I am a good teacher in spite of it. Some days it's harder to remember than others. Thanks. :)