Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There is one particularly abrasive teacher that I didn't have to deal with much last semester but seem to run into at every turn this semester.  She is rude, she is harsh, she is a complainer, and she is a know-it-all.  A lot of things I can't stand in a person.  

But, the capper really was this.  

Last week at lunch someone had brought in some macaroni and cheese for people to eat if they chose.  FREE OPTIONAL FOOD.  And do you know what this woman did?  She bitched the ENTIRE lunch period about how the cheese was inferior and she wouldn't ever eat that stuff.  Why would he bring in something like this with CHEAP cheese?  Just on and on and on.  And I just kept thinking that no one is FORCING her to eat it and no on is even ASKING her to eat it and the poor guy was just trying to be NICE.  And yet she yammered on and on.

What is wrong with people? 

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