Thursday, January 8, 2009


At my school, I have begun to notice a pattern.  Where it stems from, if it's symptomatic of private school, if it's a unique situation--I don't know.  All I know is this: the men on our staff are expected to do less and are not held to as high of standards as the female staff.

The men have less preps.
The men don't show up at meetings--and no one says a thing.
The men are called "forgetful" or "disorganized" while women who display this behavior are treated poorly--even if their personal circumstances cause those issues--personal circumstances that no one can control such as the sudden death of a family member.

At first I thought I was being oversensitive.  Then I thought it was merely coaches.  Then I realized that it is all the guys.  One male English teacher has ONE prep, the other TWO.  The rest of the female staff have THREE.  I just can't help but there's some sort of inherent gender issue there.  Either the men are too "forgetful" to handle it, or they are treated that way.

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